Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Review: The Dirty Secret

The Dirty Secret The Dirty Secret by Kira A. Gold
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Vessa and Killian's story is an entrancing one. The architect and the designer. The tall, handsome, nervous man and the flighty, secretive, whimsical woman. Gold's writing is sensuous and intelligent, but there's a certain detachment in the third person perspective. This is a story that could be incredibly intense, but it's not quite that, because of the way the words are put together. It doesn't quite draw you all the way in, even in the raunchy sex scenes. Although, I think that might be necessary, because if it was in immediate first person perspective it might just be too much. The whispered dirty talk, the blatant sexuality of Vessa and the desperation of Killian all come together to create something that could completely take you over if it were any more intense.

Gold's descriptions of Killian's house and Vessa decoration are simply beautiful, full of sensuality and decadent whimsy. The world she has created for her characters is one you desperately want to be a part of. I'm very interested to read more of her work.

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